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Experience our premier self-guided solution for US and OECD transfer pricing reports. Create your report with ease, no know-how required!

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For each transaction type, the transfer pricing model provides insights through preset benchmarks based on the geographical location of the service provider, reseller, or licensee.

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By combining a self-guided questionnaire and our fixed benchmarks, we created a powerful tool that democratize transfer pricing to tax Advisors and Companies

Tax Advisor

You have multinational clients, but not a transfer pricing team?

  • Provide your multinational clients an added-value service
  • Private label / co-branded transfer pricing reports
  • Block competitors
  • Refer & Review
  • Grow internationally with your clients

Already, have a transfer pricing team?

  • Use incodox to reduce your cost of service


All industries, all sizes. Startup, ecommerce, manufacturer… if you have a foreign entity(ies)

  • Lower your compliance cost
  • Maintain your company’s compliance
  • Save time