Guidance Memo


Set your transfer pricing policy

  • Set the roadmap to transfer pricing compliance and efficiency from day one
  • Tailored for new established subsidiaries and new activities

Benchmark Memo


Support your transfer pricing

  • With a complete benchmark analysis, it supports the intercompany’s arm’s length transfer pricing 
  • This document is not a complete transfer pricing report

Local File


Meet transfer pricing compliance

  • Complied with the OECD Local File requirements
  • Met US penalty protection documentation requirements –

Intercompany Agreement


Enhance transfer pricing compliance

  • Formalise the intercompany transaction
  • Align the intercompany agreement with the transfer pricing report

Transfer pricing reports include essential components that are defined for the selected transaction type and location. We tailor our report solutions based on your selections.

Report componentGuidance MemoBenchmark MemoLocal File
Transaction Description
Executive Summary
Tested party’s 3 years results
Comparable Search process
Detailed benchmark results
Accept/Reject matrix
Comparables’ financial data
Comparables’ description
Document List
US 6662 penalty protection
Selection of the best method
Group overview
Detailed description of the local entity
Functions, risks and assets analyses