Democratizing Transfer Pricing to enable non-experts to prepare Transfer Pricing Reports

Our platform generates Transfer Pricing Reports instantly through an easy, self-guided questionnaire, using predefined fixed benchmarks.

Standardizing transfer pricing with fixed benchmarks

Transfer pricing rules are framed in a manner that allows a some degree of flexibility. Transfer pricing guidelines are intentionally designed to offer some degree of flexibility. Tax authorities are mindful of the fact that consultants might tailor benchmarks to suit their clients’ individual demands, a practice that can prompt inquiries and objections.
Using a fixed benchmark eliminates the customization factor which lowers the probability of the benchmark results being challenged.

We anticipate that following this approach, our benchmarks will establish themselves as an industry standard.

Our vision is to align the compliance cycle of intercompany transactions

Most of the data required for the preparation and maintenance of tax compliance documents is already available within each company. As incodox already has access to this pertinent data, it can seamlessly integrate it into the four pillars that make up the intercompany cycle, requiring no extra effort.

The manual processes employed by multinational corporations to execute, monitor, and maintain their transfer pricing compliance are costly, time-consuming, and inefficient.

Maintaining transfer pricing compliance entails engaging multiple external professional service providers, including law firms, two or more accounting firms, and a transfer pricing expert. Apart from the substantial professional fees incurred, companies invest time in manually facilitating the accessibility of relevant data to these diverse service providers. They also undertake the task of ensuring consistency across various compliance deliverables to minimize the risk of errors that could result in tax consequences.


Time consuming



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Eran is an innovative entrepreneur with more than twenty years of comprehensive experience in the fields of transfer pricing and international tax. His expertise is deeply rooted in his previous roles within government, Big Four firms, and tax software enterprises, providing him with a wealth of knowledge and insights.